Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pre event ruminations and getting organized under the influence...

Last night I decided to stop by Discretion Brewery for a beer or two.  Organizing, creating, planning, corresponding and brainstorming seem to happen more freely with a good beer.

While I was taking a shower yesterday, it occurred to me that throwing a party of this nature for 600 folks, many of whom are good friends, is not an easy accomplishment.  Waves of stress and calm battle to take root in my mind but creativity always seems to win out.  This is the final stretch of Twisted Tasting preparations.  The main event is sold out.  Chefs are falling out, brewers are joining and emails about tickets are never ending.  I sit with a pencil and sketches of pillars and tables with names crossed out and rewritten and feel like a bride trying to put together a seating chart for a wedding reception of creative geniuses. It is exciting and frightening.  But it is happening.  The circus is coming to town.

Please remove your chewing gum and prepare your tastebuds for a roller coaster through bitter, salty, sweet, sour, spicy and umami.  Go slow.  Cleanse your palate. Drink lots of water.  And enjoy the ride.

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