Thursday, January 23, 2014

Twisted Updates...

Check out the beer that is coming from Strike..

Bourbon Cherry Alt Beer:  We have used the whole tree on this one!  Fresh cherries, bourbon-soaked dried cherries, aged with toasted cherry wood on top of an old award-winning homebrew Alt recipe of mine from a while back. 

More food vendors lining up...

The Pantry House 
Ashby Confections

and there are hints that El Salchichero is doing something with Lamb Testicles and bringing back Duck Tongues -- oh boy!!!

We're working hard to get all of the beers paired with mind bending foods... and look at some of the crazy beers we get to pair with :
Freigeist Peated Porter (porter with heavily peated
malt, very Scotch like)

To Øl Jule Mælk Super Stout (Danish milk stout that tastes
like a chocolate malted)

Christoffel Genadeschot ( notable because this Doppelbock is the final thing that Christoffel brewed before a Heineken-financed takeover: "Genadeschot" is Dutch for "death blow")

Bayrischer Bahnhof Pineus Leipziger Gose  (Leipziger Gose
"lautered" through dried pine needles)

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